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47 Basketball Defense Tips (Become a Great Defender)

By far the best way to become a great basketball defender is to play against highly skilled offensive players. This goes for practice, pick-up games, regular games, 1-on-1 games, everything. Constantly seek out the best offensive players and challenge yourself to play great defense against them.

Is Defense More Important than Offense in Basketball? | Coach ...

Much has been debated on the importance of defense and offense in basketball. Some argue that offense is more important than the defense because the objective of the game is to score more points than the opponent. Others argue that the defense is more important because you have to be able stop the opponent’s offense from scoring to win the game.

Basketball Offense For Beginners : Basic Concepts and Plays

One of the fundamental principles within basketball offense is that the defense cannot stop two actions at the same time. In other words, the defense will be concerned with on-ball action such as dribble penetration which allows the offense to execute off-ball action such as cutting.

Simple 1-3-1 Offense to Dominate a 2-3 Zone Defense

The 'Trilogy' 1-3-1 offense will allow your team to get the basketball into the gaps of the opposition's defense to create scoring opportunities close to the hoop.

Full Court Basketball Offense, Motion Offense and Plays

When choosing, teaching, practicing and utilizing any basketball Offense and basketball Defense, it’s critical to understand Strategy and Tactics. Strategy is the broad stroke approach such as ‘we want to be a full court pressing team.”

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Basketball Offenses, Motion Offense, Plays, and Tips

Basketball Pick and Roll Offense. The Open Post Motion Offense. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense. High Low Offensive System. 5 Out Cutters Offense - Motion offense that was used by State Champs (and it can be taught in ONE day)! It can be used as a delay offense, primary offense, and can be used at any level.

Basketball Offense: 19 Strategies Your Team Can Use (Full Guides)

A great example of connection between offense and defense is Virginia, led by Tony Bennett. On defense, they play a pack line style, seeking to grind out half court stops... And then on offense they control the ball and make their opponent work, utilizing the mover-blocker motion offense (more on this later).

Basketball Offenses, Coach's Clipboard Basketball Coaching ...

There are however, unlimited options and, similar to a motion offense, players "read and react" to the defense. The offense stretches the defense with good spacing, creating problems for the helpside defense and trapping. Cutting and good passing are important keys.