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Definitions of basketball equipment. noun. sports equipment used in playing basketball. see more. see less. types: basket, basketball hoop, hoop. horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball. basketball.

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Basketball is played on a rectangular court 28 metres long and 15 metres wide (approx. 92 ft by 49 ft) with a basket at a height of 3.05 metres (10 ft) at each end. Most indoor courts have a floor made of wood. Points are scored by throwing the ball through the opponents' basket.

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For someone planning on playing basketball, the shoes are the most essential piece of equipment. Although basketball can be played in regular sneakers, a good pair of shoes will give you an edge on the court while providing extra safety. Their stability will allow you to move laterally and perform quick cuts to beat defensive players. Unfortunately, not all shoes are created equal, and you should try them on at the store to make sure they fit comfortably.

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Backboard: The surface to which the basket is mounted. Back Court: Area of the court farthest from the offensive team's goal. Back Door Cut: A player approaches quickly from behind a defender toward the basket. Back Screen: An offensive player moves away from the basket to set a screen for teammate.

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Basket (equipment) - A circular hoop with a diameter of 18 inches that's attached to the backboard. A team must pass the basketball through top of this hoop to score points. Basket (score) - The term 'basket' can used when a player successfully scores a field goal.

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Assist - A pass to another basketball player that leads directly to a made basket. Backboard - The rectangular piece of wood or fiberglass that the rim attaches to. Bench - The substitute basketball players. Block Out or Box Out - Getting your body between the basketball player and the basket to get a rebound.

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Backboard: The rectangular piece of wood or fiberglass the rim is attached to. Backdoor: An offensive action in which a player without the ball cuts behind a defender and toward the basket. Bank Shot: When a player shoots the ball and it bounces off the backboard and into the hoop.

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Vocabulary and Definitions in Basketball. AIR BALL: This is an unblocked shot that does not touch the board or the hoop. The shot clock does not get reset once this shot is played, unlike a normal shot. AIR PASS: A direct pass to a receiver that does not touch the ground.

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This glossary of basketball terms is a list of definitions of terms used in the game of basketball.Like any other major sport, basketball features its own extensive vocabulary of unique words and phrases used by players, coaches, sports journalists, commentators, and fans.