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Sometime, Some Time, and Sometimes: How to Choose the Right Word

The adverb "sometime" (one word) means at an indefinite or unstated time in the future; as an adjective, "sometime" means occasional or former. The expression "some time" (two words) means "a period of time." The adverb "sometimes" (one word) means "occasionally, now and then."

Is It "Sometime," "Sometimes," Or "Some Time"? - Dictionary.com

While they appear very similar, sometime, sometimes, and some time have slightly different meanings. Sometime means a vague point in time, and usually refers to a long amount of time. Sometimes means occasionally. Some time refers to a period of time. Sometime. Sometime refers to an unspecified point in time.

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keen interest. keen on. keep an eye out. keep focus on the end go ... L. large and in charge. largely mostly. last acts of desperation. last but not least.

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Days are countable so we cannot use “some”. We can use “some” for “time”. So, “ I will get back to you in some days” is incorrect. You can say “ I will get back to you in some time”. “ I will get back to you in a few days” is the correct sentence

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