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Intramural team name ideas? : Basketball - reddit

Last year I was suppose to try out for the basketball team until quarantine happened. And too be honest I haven’t played on a serious team since 3rd grade. Now that I’am a sophomore I decided to sign up for the basketball team. Im not gonna lie I really suck at shooting but I’m tall and can get decent rebounds.

Intramural basketball team name ideas : Christianity - reddit

Intramural basketball team name ideas. Close. 2. ... If you look at my post history, you'll find examples of me, here on Reddit, being an asshole to Christians. I ...

intramural team names : Frat - reddit.com

intramural team names. what are some good ones you guys have come up with? ... Because reddit is the anti-frat. 58.2k. Members. 146. Online. Created Aug 10, 2010. Join.

Reddit, what is your go-to team name for casual sports ...

Reddit, what is your go-to team name for casual sports? Any team name you have, whether it be for a fantasy football team, a pickup basketball team, heck even a group name from a video game lets hear them. "Bye Week", so if they check on their schedule, itll say "vs Bye Week". It has worked a few times for intramural basketball in high school.

Does anyone have a good name for an intramural law ... - reddit

Just put everybody's name in front of "Softball Team and Associates, LLC". 5. level 1. And_The_Beast. · 7y. If only you played basketball, you could have been Order on the Court. 3. level 1. czarmine.

looking for a competitive intramural basketball team : SBU

looking for a competitive intramural basketball team. I have not been able to find a team and I really want to participate competitively this year if you have a team and need one more or you're interested in forming a team dm me please, registration ends tonight so please lmk ASAP. 0 comments. 100% Upvoted.

Still need people for intramural competitive basketball : SBU

Still need people for intramural competitive basketball. I still need some more people for a competitive intramural basketball team if you are interested please sign up and request to join the team named Treyball. 0 comments. 100% Upvoted.

What are some of the most creative team names you ... - reddit

This may be hard to stomach sometimes, but here's the trick: involve better players. Once players like PG, Kawhi, Dame, Embiid, Sabonis, or whoever are involved, Grant becomes a smaller detail. Their attention is diverted by the big names, and they are less likely to look into Grant and realize he will likely get better.

Intramural sports (and need a good team name) | Student ...

Anyone playing intramurals? Great way to force yourself to get exercise. We have a med school basketball league w/ 6 teams. looking for a good/cheesy medically-related team name. Vmax and The Inhibitors came up. Any other suggestions?