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The first three layers are the foundation of the Lock Left Defense. You can't move on until your team has consistent control of the ball, appropriate position in both gap and deny, and consistent closeouts — taking away both uncontested threes and right-hand drives. LOCK LEFT DEFENSE, TYLER COSTON

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In this week’s video, PGC Director Matt McLeod breaks down three things you can do to become a Lock Down Defender: 1. Take Away Two. Challenge the offense to go to their left or weak side. To do this, get in their bubble to take away their shot and ability to drive right. 2.

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They play “Lock Left” defense. They force the opponent to enter the ball to the left on every possession. The player guarding the dribbler forces the ball to be dribbled to the left side. They guard in an open pack line stance to force left dribbles

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Lockdown defensive playmakers know how to influence the ballhandler and force them into specific spots on the floor. Don't miss this video from PGC Director ...

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Dave Waknuk (Lock-left defence) - Canada Basketball terminology - force left - on his right hip, making him go left, very aggressive - influence left - still have an angle on him, split him (with your right i.e. back foot)

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Left Side Entry. This is a full court all out first pass denial SOS disruption; however, no backcourt traps are used. Once ball is inbounded basic SOS fundamentals are in effect. Defenders X1 and X4 lock up and pre-trap primary ballhandler O1. Defenders X2, X3 and X5 assume snuggle pass denial positions on O2, O3 and O5. Phase 2: Matching Up


Coach Dave Waknuk teaches the Lock Left Defense. From overall layout, to rotations, and drills here it is! - if there is an audio issue, we apologize due to ...

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Also referred to as “Lock Left”, this term refers to getting your defensive hand so close the offensive players dominant hand, that you could rubber band them together. The idea behind the concept is to focus less on your stance and angle, and more on taking away the offense’s dominant hand.

Force Left Defense

When teams force left this is difficult to defend a hard drive and rotate behind out of the corner. If this player immediately puts the ball on the floor and attacks the middle where is the help since the ball is being denied back to the right? Force Left Defense. CB’s Coaching Education and Development.

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