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Tennis Elbow and its Management in Ayurveda – Ayurvedic ...

Management of Tennis Elbow through Ayurveda Ayurvedic approach to the treatment of Tennis Elbow condition includes administration of anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic medicines, application of medicated oils/powders to the area with mild massage, sweating treatment (Swedana), Lepanam and Pichu treatment is also recommended depending upon the severity of the condition.

Tennis elbow – Ayurgem Ayurveda Treatment, Kerala

Prasainyasi kashayam, Astavargam kashayam and Rasnasaptakam kashaya are generally used in the treatment for tennis elbow. You will also be given an oil that you will have to massage on the elbow. Gandha tailam is another medicine which should be consumed at night before sleep.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Tennis Elbow : According to ayurveda this is a pitta vitiation which will result in vata kopa and results in difficulty in movements, depending upon the condition pitta predominance vary, in acute cases mainly pitta get vitiated and results in kapha and vata vitiation, this condition can easily be treated with special external treatments and internal medicines ,in chronic conditions due to kapha involvement it can take some time .in both cases the main line of ...

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Kunnathuvalappil Ayurveda Vaidyasramam Traditional treatment for - Ligament Bone Cartilage Bone Nerve and Muscle related all problems. Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Tennis elbow, Cervical spondylosis, Back pain, Disc problem, Disc bulging, Knee pain, Leg pain, Leg angle problem, Numbness, Alergy

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Forearm muscle extends to the wrist and forearm, and so the pain radiated to the forearm and wrist. Treatment. Ayurveda gives promising results in tennis elbow. The treatment of tennis elbow is not about pain management. There are two things we do in case of tennis elbow-. -Strengthen the ligaments of the elbow.

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In Ayurveda,tennis elbow falls under Vata vyadhi or a Vata dosha imbalance disorder, particularly snayugata vata According to Ayurveda, the elbow joint is called kurpara sandhi. Vata vyadhi can be correlated to neurological or neuromuscular disorders.