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Western Grip | An Overview With Diagram of The Western Tennis ...

The Western Tennis Grip About 100 years ago, the continental grip was the de facto tennis grip used by virtually all tennis players. At the time, the game was slower, and the technology, in the form of racquets, tennis balls, and gear, was much more simple compared with the equipment available to tennis players today.

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The western grip is the last of the four primary forehand tennis grips, which falls a step beyond the semi-western and allows players to generate maximum topspin. The western grip exists on the pro tour, and you’ll find plenty of amateur players using – especially players from Europe where clay is a popular court surface, such as Europe and Latin America.

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Western Grip in Tennis (2021 Update) A Definitive Guide

As tennis gained popularity, players are using the western grip as it gives them the benefit of topspin in the match against the opponent. We have evolved away from the conservative continental way to the extreme western grip, of all things. Today, the western grip is used by world-class athletes and recreational players.

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The Western grip is considered an extreme grip considering not too far in the past, the most effective grip was the Continental grip. This was when the main style of play was a lot on service and volleying.

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In this video you will learn about the western forehand grip. It is an advanced grip for people with strong wrists. Check out the semi-western and eastern fo...

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Now, years later, the semi-western grip has become one of the most popular tennis grips, and professional tennis players around the world use it. Holding a Semi-Western Grip To form a semi-western forehand grip, we’ll first take a look at the racquet handle to guide the position of our hand.

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Learn how to hit with a power western/semi-western forehand grip that college and ATP professionals are using in less than "2 minutes". Simple step by step i...

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For a western grip, the index knuckle and heel will be on or near bevel 5. This means that the racket is being held at almost 180 degrees to the position it is in when the continental grip is used. This grip lends itself to extreme topspin and is best when the ball is bouncing high.