Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Apr 23, 2020 Tibss

Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Back pain is one of the most well-known leading causes of loss of working hours. A great number of people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. Back pain can impact individuals of all ages, for various reasons. As one progresses in age, the risk of developing lower back pain widens, due to reasons like past occupation and degenerative spinal issues.

Luckily, you can take measures to avoid or ease most back pain situations. Considering this fact The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery (TIBSS) with the team of best doctors for back pain treatment has laid down some important information on this medical issue. So, let’s dive into the causes, diagnosis, and treatments of back pain done at TIBSS, the best spine hospital in Chandigarh.

Symptoms of Back Pain

In spite of the fact that back pain is not an illness in itself, but a symptom of a wide range of basic diseases or injuries. For instance, a muscle sprain in the lower back is generally followed by an unexpected jolt of pain. Some back issues can lead to pain in different parts of the body, based upon which nerve has been impacted. Generally, the pain subsides without treatment. However in some cases it may be persistent or may occur in association with few other health issues. In that case you must see a professional doctor for best medical assistance. Some of these health concerns are:

  • Weight reduction
  • Fever
  • Irritation or swelling on the back
  • Consistent back pain, where lying down or resting is of no help
  • Radiation of pain to the legs
  • Damage, blow or injury to the back
  • Urinary Problems
  • Constipation
  • Numbness around the genitals
  • Numbness around the rear-end

Causes of Back Pain

The human back is an intricate structure of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, which work together to help the body and empower us to move around. Issues with any of these segments can prompt back pain. The problem can also initiate from strain, ailments, and poor posture, among other causes. According to the team of best spine doctors in Panchkula at TIBSS, there are various causes that trigger the back pain. Some of them are listed below -


Stressed muscles frequently cause back pain. Strain generally occurs due to inaccurate lifting of substantial items and making an abrupt and awkward movement. Over or inappropriate movement, in the same manner, can also lead to strain. For instance, the sore inclination and stiffness that happens post hard work on the yard work or playing a sport.

Structural Issues

Vertebrae are the interlocking bones stacked over each other that make up the spine. Discs are a part of the tissue that pads the space between every vertebra. Disc herniations are a genuinely regular reason for back pain. In some cases these discs can swell, herniate, or break. This might also lead to the compression of nerves. Herniated discs can be exceptionally troublesome and painful. A swelled disc pushing on the nerve that runs from your back downwards to the legs can result in sciatica or irritation in the sciatic nerve. Sciatica can be acknowledged in your leg as:

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness

Degenerative Spinal Disorders

As the best spine hospital in Panchkula, the doctors at TIBSS states that spinal degenerations as a regular ageing process is also a potential cause for back pain. It’s caused by damage and deterioration in the cartilage of joints or enlargement of ligaments or other structural abnormalities in your lower back. However, over a period of time, this condition can lead to the narrowing of the spinal column or spinal stenosis leading to back pain.


Loss of bone density and thinning of the bone, called osteoporosis, can also lead to small fractures in your vertebrae. These fractures can cause serious pain and are referred to as pathological fractures.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Besides these common causes for back pain, the primary care physician will perform various tests to decide whether you have a rarer reason. These can include:-

  • Slippage of one vertebral body onto another, called degenerative spondylolisthesis.
  • Contagious or bacterial disease of the spine, for example, tuberculosis
  • Malignant growth or non-malignant tumor in the spine
  • Kidney disease or kidney stones (Flank Pain)

Diagnosis of Pain in the Back

Being the best spine surgery hospital in Chandigarh,Tricity, TIBSS is equipped with all the latest medical technologies and equipment along with clinical examination that are used to have the perfect diagnose the cause for your back pain. During the physical test, the best spine doctors in Chandigarh may test your -

  • Capacity to stand and walk
  • Spine's scope of movement
  • Reflexes
  • Strength of your leg
  • Capacity to distinguish sensations in your legs, etc.

In case any serious issues is suspected, the doctors may arrange different tests, including:

  • Blood and urine tests to check for fundamental conditions
  • X-Rays of the spine to indicate arrangement of your bones and check for breaks
  • Computed Tomography (CT) examine or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate your discs, muscles, tendons, nerves, and veins.
  • Bone Scan to find any irregularities in the bone tissue, if any.

Treatment For Back Pain

Back pains more often settle with rest and home cures, however in some cases medicinal treatment is fundamental.

  • Medication: Back pain that doesn't go away with rest, require medicines. Codeine or hydrocodone, which may be recommended for brief periods. These require close checking by the specializes. Now and again, muscle relaxants might be utilized.
  • Pain Modifiers - for example, amitriptyline, nortriptyline, might be prescribed.
  • Physical Therapy: Applying heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical incitement, may help reduce the pain. As the pain improves, the therapist may present some adaptability and quality activities for the back and abdominal muscles. Procedures for improving stance may likewise help.
  • The patient will be urged to rehearse the systems routinely, even after the pain has subsided, to curb the recurrence of the back pain.

TIBSS - Best Neurosurgery Hospital in Chandigarh

Back pain is a typical infirmity, and with the age it almost gets certain for you to encounter it. With treatment, most cases of back pain have been resolved successfully by the best spine doctors in Chandigarh at TIBSS. Once in a while, you will need assistance from your primary care physician as professionally prescribed prescription or infusions. Medical procedure might be an alternative in uncommon cases. However, the doctors at TIBSS like Prof. V.K. Kak, Dr. V.K. Batish, Dr. Manish Budhiraja, Dr. Anil Bajaj and other specialists recommend every day stretches, yoga, and quality preparing that can help make your back and center muscles more grounded and stronger. Our patients reveal to us that the nature of their associations, our tender care and the effectiveness of their visits mean medical insurance as they've never experienced. And we at TIBSS feel proud about it.