Back Pain - Causes, Risks and Prevention

Backache is youth leaving the body! About 80% of adults experience backache at some point of time in their lives. It has been affecting society to a great extent. More than one in three adults complains that back pain impacts their everyday activities.

Backache, a very common complaint, increases the sufferings of people but due to paucity of awareness, it is usually ignored. Is it worth ignoring a symptom that hampers day to day activities and leads to loss of work hours? Obviously No! So the preventive and corrective measures and the myths associated with backache need to be answered to make life comfortable by preventing and overcoming backache.

Backache disrupts your working capacity which ultimately leads to the lowering of your efficiency and ability to do your daily chores. Let us shed some light on the facts that you need to know about backache and help you curb the related problems by knowing and preparing to fight against it in advance.

Q. What is the main cause of backache?

A. Poor posture is the most important cause of a backache. Other reasons include sudden heavy weight lifting, excessive forward bending, age-related wear and tear, prolonged sitting, lack of exercise, deficiency of nutrients like Calcium and Vitamin D, congenital weakness of muscles, ligaments and bones and osteoporotic fractures in old age.

Q. Who all are at risk?

A. All age groups, male or female, all are at risk. Those leading sedentary lifestyle, overweight, smokers, heavy weight lifters, housewives due to frequent forward bending, etc. are the most prone to backache.


Q. Can it be prevented?

A. Yes! It can be prevented, by not doing all the wrong things we have been doing since ages and slightly modifying our daily habits. Walk around for 5 minutes after every 45 minutes of continuous sitting. Be seated on a chair with good back support and sit with a straight back. To pick things, squat, do not bend. 15 minutes of daily exercise, regular walking, exercise in the gym with a proper trainer, balanced natural diet, adequate exposure to the Sun can be of great help.

Q. What if one is not able to prevent it?

A. Proper adequate rest and hot fomentation to overburdened back muscles and then modifying one’s not so cool habits will relieve mild backache but if no relief is in sight then immediately seek advice from expert doctors (which are not your neighbouring aunts and uncles) for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Q. What options do I have, if I suffer from a prolapsed disc?

A. If diagnosed with mild disc prolapse, proper rest, exercises and medications will do. But, if significant prolapse is detected, the prolapsed portion of the disc needs to be removed. The surgeries, nowadays, are quite safe, with almost no complications and great results.

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