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Brain Tumor: Survival & Beyond

Having a tumour in the brain is a dead end! No. This statement is erroneous and added to this, the myths prevalent in society, are further misleading.
Understanding the brain tumour is important but understanding the psyche of a person who is harbouring a brain tumour is of paramount importance.
Let us first understand what a brain tumour is in order to prevent it from ruining your health.

Q. What is a brain tumour?

A. A brain tumour is cancerous or non-cancerous mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain.
Brain tumours can significantly impact the quality of life and may change everything for a patient and their loved ones. They inflict men, women, and children of all races and ethnicities but there is no need to despair.
A brain tumour can be-

  • Malignant (Cancerous)which means that it is aggressive and the patient has a limited life expectancy.
  • Benign (Non-cancerous)which means the tumour has no cancer-causing elements and patient can lead a pretty normal life after removal of the tumour.

Q.What are the main symptoms of a brain tumour?

  • Worsening headache which hurts more when you get up in the morning is one of the commonest symptoms Seizures and fits
  • Personality changes and more frequent mood swings
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Excessive fatigue and loss of appetite
  • The weakness of one side of the body etc.

It should be remembered that many of the above symptoms can be due to mental disorders or substance abuse. Diagnosis and evaluation of the condition are required to decide how to proceed further and what kind of treatment is required to cure the condition.

"My strong opinion is that you should continue on with life as normally as you can, no matter what kind of tumour you have."-Peter Black

This quote is a ray of hope for those who have decided to succumb to the brain tumour. Give your life one more chance, fight against the brain tumour and become a fighter. For that, we need to know the treatments that are available for the patients.


Treatment techniques for a brain tumour


For a proper treatment of a brain tumour, surgery is the ray of hope. Removal of the tumour reduces the pressure on the brain gives relief from the suffering and depending upon the cancerous of non-cancerous nature of the tumour, the line of further treatment is decided in the form of RADIATION THERAPY and/or CHEMOTHERAPY.
The success rate of this treatment is high and most of the patient can lead a normal life after proper treatment and recovery.
Radiation therapy makes use of high energy beams or rays to destroy the tumour cells. Chemotherapy makes use of chemicals to kill the tumour causing cells and stop them from dividing further.

What life is after getting free from the clutches of the brain tumour

If you have a tumour, always remember, never let tumour have you. If the brain tumour has been treated perfectly, the person can bounce back to his normal life without any major differences and bask in its glory.
Defying all odds, many people survived for a very long and healthy life after being diagnosed with a brain tumour due to the right treatment and strong willpower.
Be it your work, travel goals, eating or favourite sports; you can have it all gradually if proper instructions of the doctor are followed. Believe it or not, brain tumour when treated cannot take away your life’s happiness and normality.
It is recommended that early expert advice should be sought in case of the above-mentioned symptoms. Never delay even a minor symptom and consult your doctor right away and live the life that you deserve and desire.

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