Childhood Brain Tumor - Types, Symptoms, and Causes

Childhood Brain Tumor - Types, Symptoms, and Causes

One of the most commonly found solid tumors in children is a brain tumor. The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery (TIBSS), the best brain and spine surgery hospital in Chandigarh and Tricity, has taken an initiative to let people become aware of the different types, symptoms, and available treatments of brain tumors in children.

Types of Brain Tumours

Brain tumors in children can be categorized as follows:

  • Primary: Initiating in the brain of the child.
  • Metastatic: Initiating in different body parts and then extending to the brain.
  • Benign: Slow-developing; non-destructive. Benign tumors are still intricate to treat in case they are developing in or around specific parts of the brain.
  • Malignant: Cancerous. Contrary to benign tumors that will, in general, remain contained, malignant tumors can be very forceful. They develop quickly and can spread to the parts that are close to the first tumor and to different zones in the brain.

Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Children

As we all know that the skull does not have enough space for anything except the brain. Consequently, as the brain tumour evolves and broadens, it causes some extra stress in that closed area, which is termed as intracranial pressure. Furthermore, the team of best brain surgeons in India at the TIBSS professes that this high intracranial pressure is the result of the extra tissues and the blockage of the CSF flow pathways present in the brain. However, some of the most common symptoms stated by the doctors at the best brain surgery hospital in Chandigarh are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Crankiness
  • Lethargy
  • Visual Difficulties
  • Poor feeling
  • Changes in personality and mental activity
  • Balancing Issues
  • Increase in the head size
  • Seizures

However, it is also a fact that these symptoms might vary based upon the brain tissue dysfunction caused by the growth of the tumor. For instance, if the tumor is detected in the cerebellum behind the head, a child might confront issues in moving, walking, balancing and coordination.

Causes of a Brain tumor in Children

Till date, doctors don't have a clue why a few cells start to develop into tumor cells. It might have something to do with an individual's genes or their environment or both. The tumors can cause local harm by developing and pushing on important parts of the brain. They can likewise cause issues in case they obstruct the flow of the fluid around the brain, which can prompt an expansion in the pressure inside the skull. A few types of tumors can spread through the spinal liquid to the remote areas of the brain or the spine.

Treating Brain Tumor in Children

At least one of these methodologies will be incorporated into the kid's cerebrum tumor treatment plan:

Medical procedure

Most brain tumors in newborn children and youngsters require careful surgical removal, or at least a biopsy, as a major aspect of the treatment. The best neurosurgeons in Chandigarh at the TIBSS may prescribe the medical procedure to remove as much of the tumor as securely possible as an initial step and to assuage intracranial pressure due to tumor. For low grade or moderately developing tumors, surgery might be the main mediation essential.

Follow-up Care after Surgery

The procedure of recovery is distinctive for every child. Children who got speedy analysis and treatment can do well after medical surgery. Some pediatric patients may encounter some impermanent neurological shortfalls, for example, muscle weakness. By and large, this leaves soon after a medical procedure, except if there was considerable perpetual harm before the child was diagnosed. Physical tasks and speech therapy can help improve quality, capacity, and speed of recovery. Consistent post-surgery follow-up visits with the best neurosurgeons in Chandigarh are likewise essential to screen neurological functionality and side-effects from treatment and to shield from the recurrence of the tumor.

Radiation Therapy

This treatment centers beams of high-energy radiation on the tumor tissue and a modest quantity of encompassing tissue. A few tumors, for example, medulloblastoma, require extra radiation to the complete brain and spinal cord. Radiation is utilized very carefully in newborn and little children because of their developing brains.


Chemotherapy is utilized for some kinds of brain tumors including aggressive, high-grade tumors. Chemotherapy can be regulated as pills (orally), intravenously (IV, by vein), infused straightforwardly into the cerebrospinal liquid, or infused legitimately into the cavity left after the surgical removal of the brain tumor.

Best Team of Neurosurgeons at TIBSS

The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery, the best neurosurgery in Panchkula stands apart from the league because of the tremendous efforts and best assistance given to our patients. Our approach towards the patients is totally different, the doctors here:

  • Correspond clearly, directly, and genuinely with the parents of the children.
  • Become an accomplice and effectively participate in your child’s medical concerns.
  • Keep a tab or log of hospitalizations, tests, and medicines.
  • Numerous specialists and treatment focuses give a printed outline of each visit. .This printout regularly additionally records the medications your child was recommended.
  • Create and anticipate a frame of mind of mutual respect and cooperation.

Besides the best infrastructure and advanced medical technology, we at TIBSS have a comprehensive team that consists of the best Paediatric Neurologists in Chandigarh, Epileptologist, Neurosurgeon, child psychiatrist, Neurophysiologist, Therapists, Clinical Psychologist, and Child Counsellors. This multiskilled team works in cooperation with the patient and the family to assure you an optimum long-lasting result for your child.

When To See a Doctor

Although, many of the above-mentioned symptoms are seen due to regular health conditions, also if you witness one or more symptoms consistently in your child, then seeking the advice of a professional neurosurgeon can be of tremendous help. TIBSS Hospital, being the best neurosurgery centre in Panchkula possesses the team of best neurosurgeons in Panchkula. One of the veteran neurosurgeon, Dr. VK Batish has more than 30 years of experience in this medical stream. He specializes in stroke, head, and brain tumor surgeries. Moreover, providing the best health care services for an extensive range of neurosurgical disorders makes him the most regarded neurosurgeon in Chandigarh.