neurosurgeon in stroke patients
Mar 30, 2020 Tibss

Role of a Neurosurgeon in stroke patients

A stroke is a sudden obstruction in the constant blood flowing to the brain that leads to improper neurological functioning. This interruption in the blood flow is caused due to a blockage, resulting in the more common ischemic stroke, or due to bleeding in the brain, resulting in the deadliest hemorrhagic stroke. It often happens with little or no warning and the consequences can be fatal.
However to keep the brain functioning properly it is very important to maintain the proper blood flow and restoration of oxygen in the brain. In the absence of oxygen and other vital nutrients, the adversely impacted brain cells are either damaged or become lifeless within a couple of minutes.
Once the brain cells become lifeless, they usually do not rejuvenate and destructive damage might take place, at times leading to physical, mental and cognitive disabilities.
Strokes can be either mild or life-threatening and need instant medical attention. Since it requires advanced medical care and proper treatment, we at TIBSS have the team of best neurosurgeon in Chandigarh who are highly qualified and experienced in this medical field.
As a fact, neurosurgery fulfils all the essential requirements for treating stroke patients, it is considered to be one of the best ways for managing the stroke.
Being one of the top neurosurgery hospitals in Haryana we have a dedicated neurosurgical team who specialises in dealing with the stroke.


This type of neurology takes into account the patients who have sustained a stroke or have experienced a stroke’s symptoms. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted for avoiding recurrent cerebrovascular conditions.


Ischemic stroke

It is a type of stroke that takes place due to a blockage in a blood vessel, that transmits blood to the brain. It is one of the most common types of strokes.
The fundamental cause of this stroke is termed as atherosclerosis, which is a state where fat gets deposited in the walls of the blood vessels and further leads to blockages in them

Hemorrhagic stroke

It is a condition where the stroke occurs due to weakening of the blood vessels and their breakdown into the brain. This results from two types of feeble blood vessels called arteriovenous malformation and aneurysm.

Transient ischemic attack

Also known as a mini-stroke, these attacks happen due to blood clots. The blockage caused is brief or short-lived in nature.


Tissue Plasminogen Activator

This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of treating ischemic strokes. Neurosurgeons provide the patients with the medicine that is inserted intravenously.
This medication disintegrates the blood clot and enhances the flow of blood to the parts of the brain that are affected. However, the medicine should be given to the patient within three to four hours post the occurrence of the stroke.

Endovascular Procedure

It is a procedure in which the blood clot is eliminated using a catheter, which gets introduced into the blocked blood vessel’s areas. This process helps in restoration of the blood flow to that specific area.


Endovascular Procedure

Various endovascular techniques and ways are employed in order to lessen the weakening of the blood vessels and also reduce the bleeding.

Surgical Treatment

Several techniques and methods of neurosurgery can be out to use to avoid bleeding and also for relieving the pressure placed within the skull.


These procedures are adopted by many professional neurosurgeons for treating cerebral aneurysm since no cut or incisions are made in the skull and Anesthesia time gets relatively shorter for craniotomy and microsurgical clipping.
Our team of the best brain surgeons are proficient in using advanced medical technologies like intracranial stunting and other innovations to treat strokes.
These additions enable doctors to take coiling into account for treating cerebral aneurysms that otherwise might not have appropriate shape when addressed with traditional coiling.


Being one of the best brain surgery hospitals in Chandigarh , TIBSS have a team of top neurosurgeons who offer high-end technology and intensive care to the patients right from their arrival in the emergency and monitors and treats them till the rehabilitation stage.

We have ready access to modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and treatments under consistent monitoring of brain specialists.
Nevertheless, these latest treatments for ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes have gone too far in this contemporary, digitalised world of devices and technologies. The neurointerventional treatments allow neurosurgeons to conduct surgical processes within the brain without even opening the skull, surgically and also offer high tech treatment options that are available for treating all sorts of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

These advancements in this age have enabled us to treat the stroke incidences that are also aggravating in the society at a higher pace. With the best neurological treatment, stroke is no more chaos.